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Foamizied Hi-Gloss Plates

Foamizied Hi-Gloss Plates

Novin Gostar

Hi- Gloss Plates Manufacture

Hi- Gloss Plates Manufacture

Novin Gostar

Novin Gostar


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Novin Gostar's Office

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A sight from our office

Why To Choose Novin Gostar

Our Achievements:

The way that passed through the last 11 years; with the tiniest amount of fund and the simplest machines and systems available in our country we grew. today at the end of this path we see that our company has turned into a modern and one of kind businesses in Iran and the around world.

Our Goals:

In the first years of our activity we had the least production and diversity in our products which that is turned into a wide amount of production and diversity in our products with the best quality possible. we tend to help our partners in our country with the services that we give.

Activity Fields:

We manufacture raw veneered MDF's and 3mm colored and white MDF's which is mostly used in kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, MDF is often used in school projects because of its flexibility, and many more.  

Years Of Activity:

Novingostars story begins in tehran in 2003 with the idea of giving out the best services and products we can give in the wood industry.

at the end of this long 11 years of activity in wood business not only we reached the heights that we wanted to reach but also we have huge part in this business.